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Rusty Pliers, Magician Ventriloquist

The Rusty Pliers Show

The Rusty Pliers Show

Rusty Pliers is America’s favorite Hillbilly Comedy Magician and Ventriloquist.  Rusty is from a small town in St. Louis Missouri with no phones, no lights, and no power, called Mehlville.   Rusty Pliers has performed his unique “Country-Fried” magic and ventriloquism show to children from every continent.

You can see Rusty performing on cruise ships, fairs, libraries, and schools.  Rusty has also performed at many church events, conventions, and corporate events.  Rusty has performed on MSC Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, as a guest Children’s Entertainer.

During Apple Picking Season the “Rusty Pliers Show”, has premiered at Eckert’s Fun Farm in Millstadt Illinois.  Rusty performs on weekends during September and October.  Rusty has performed this show over 500 times during the past 10 seasons.

The Rusty Pliers Show doesn’t require extensive setup.  Rusty and Meatball don’t use any fire, offensive, bizarre, or questionable material during their performance.  Based in St. Louis Missouri, Rusty performs locally as well as traveling across the United States. To Schedule A Performance Call 314-691-0507

Where You Can Find Rusty Pliers Having A Rip Snorting Of A Good Time

Eckerts Millstadt Fun Farm

Rusty Pliers just finished performing his 11th Season at the Eckerts Fun Farm in Millstadt Illinois. Thanks for everyone who came out to the farm.